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CCory Goldensoph provides criminal defense in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas. He understands the challenges of the legal process and will always treat your case with the utmost respect and professionalism.   The prosecution knows how daunting the process can be and may try to bully you in to a plea – stand up for your rights and let Cory Goldensoph represent you.  

Criminal Defense attorneys like Cory cover a wide span of legal matters such as:

OWI/DUIs | Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or other related moving violations.

Drug Charges | Trafficking, possession of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia.

Theft | Wrongfully obtaining and using someone else’s personal data or property in a way that involves fraud or deception.

White Collar Crime | Fraud committed by business or governmental professionals.

Murder/Manslaughter | The unlawful killing of another human being, absent of the intent to commit murder.

Assault | Causing severe injury to another with or without the use of a deadly weapon.

Burglary | Unlawful entry into a building or location with intent to commit a crime.

Robbery | Direct taking of one’s property through force, threat, or intimidation.

Kidnapping | The taking of a person against his/her will from one place to another

Driving Infractions | Operating a motor vehicle in a dangerous/careless manner.

Gun Crimes | Criminal offenses committed with the use of a firearm.

Criminal Defense attorneys can also help with:

Appealing Driving Sanctions | You may be entitled to an appeal if your driving privileges have been denied, revoked or suspended.

Sealing/Expunging of Records | Offenses that received deferred judgment at the time of conviction and certain alcohol-related violations may be expunged from your record.

Restoring Licenses and Work Permits | Mitigate the effects of OWIs by allowing you to drive for work, health care, childcare, and education purposes.

Defense Against Illegal Search and Seizure | Protect your 4th amendment rights against all potential infractions.

Cory Goldensoph also takes Federal Criminal Defense cases. He has experience with the federal system and can navigate the added challenges of working within the federal system. Federal Criminal Defense lawyers can also help assess the nature of inquiries by federal authorities – as to if you are a witness or a potential suspect. Contact Cory to learn more about Federal Criminal cases.



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